Relief from QuickBooks issue code 6147 by these 8 troubleshooting steps

Published on 9 January 2023 at 11:38



Problem number 6147 is one of the trouble codes in the QuickBooks error -6000 series. The inability of QuickBooks to open a company file, backup file, or restore the backup from the local system results in this error. A few of them will be covered in greater detail later in this blog post.  Issue code 6147 is caused by more than one root cause.

The most recent version for QuickBooks Desktop must be installed if you experience QB problem 6147. Using the QuickBooks file doctor tool, you can repair a corrupt corporate file or network for QuickBooks. This will allow you to complete the required fixes. The specific answers will be dissected and thoroughly investigated in a later section of this post.


These are a few of the typical warning signs that will let you know whether error 6147 is affecting your system:


  1. Furthermore, there is a good likelihood that error 6147 will appear if the application window that is currently open has crashed.
  2. One of the first indications of a problem is that you will have trouble opening your company data document.
  3. You can be confident that error 6147 is present in your system if a problem is found and the system shuts down automatically.
  4. There is a high likelihood of error 6147 if you are unable to retrieve the backup file.


The main indicators of QB error code 6147 are described below, making it easier for you to identify the problem and pinpoint its root cause.


  1. Windows will occasionally slow down and become unresponsive. This hardly ever happens.
  2. It could be more challenging to obtain corporate data in QuickBooks as a result of error 6147's effects on company files.
  3. Your linked keyboard, mouse, and other devices need some time to respond to your commands.
  4. Before you encounter bug 6147, even QuickBooks may finally stop working.


This is all the information you need to understand in order to solve QuickBooks issue number 6147. The article's most crucial section is at hand right now. Let's see the resolution to error 6147.


You have enough knowledge at this point to resolve the problems caused by QB software error number 6147. You can follow the detailed troubleshooting guide we've created for this problem, which is organized chronologically. You can use a specific method if you are aware of the cause; otherwise, go through the procedures in order.

METHOD 1: Start up the QuickBooks File Doctor application.


QuickBooks File Doctor is a program that checks for and corrects several mistakes automatically. Get it from Intuit's website if it isn't already part of your package. Once the utility has been installed, all that is left to do is launch it and wait for it to finish. Once the File Doctor process is finished, try to reopen your company file. Even if the method doesn't work, keep trying it. Try the following fix if the error 6147 continues to show up.


  • Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub by going to the official Intuit website's download page.
  • Start this software on your server PC after that.
  • The utility use option is now available for selection. Use the tab with the options for file-related issues in your organization.
  • Once the aforementioned steps have been completed, the file doctor program will launch automatically.
  • To fix the corporate file difficulties, you will be provided with on-screen instructions to follow.

Using QB File Doctor, many problems can be fixed, including QuickBooks Error 6147. If this doesn't resolve your issue, you can try the other troubleshooting methods described below.

METHOD 2: Find a new spot for your files.


Make sure hosting is disabled on your PC before installing this update. The backup file should now be duplicated and saved to a different location on your computer. Consult the instructions below for help in fixing QB error 6147.

  • Once it is opened, select Utilities from the File menu.
  • If there is a Stop Hosting Multi-User option, hosting is activated.
  • Disable Multi-User Hosting on your computer, then select Yes from the ensuing panel.
  • You must click Yes once again to bring up a new window. It will then be time to close the organization data file.
  • Immediate system backup file restoration is required.

After doing the repair, continue with the other methods of troubleshooting problem code 6147 if it remains.

METHOD 3: Make alterations to the name of the QuickBooks organization file.


The accounting program only supports 64-character names for corporate files. This complies with the specifications provided by Intuit. In the event that you feel the document title infringes against these conditions, kindly utilize the following steps to change it.


  • Using the mouse, drag the corporate data folder to the desired position.
  • Rename the file by clicking on it.
  • Be advised that your character limit, including the.qbw extension, is 64.
  • If the length of the organization file's name is inappropriate, you will need to shorten it.
  • If you try to open the file in QuickBooks again and problem number 6147 persists, proceed to the following step in the troubleshooting procedure.

METHOD 4: Verify, then make an attempt at file restoration.

Data verification aids in locating program problems, and the rebuild function helps to correct the flaws. So let's examine how you could use it to resolve error 6147:


  • Go to the menu after launching QB Desktop.
  • The box adjacent to Data should be selected after Utilities.
  • Run it to allow it to detect any systemic issues.
  • When processing is complete, take the same path to the restoration tool.
  • Put it into practice and allow it to resolve the issues.
  • To avoid losing or missing your company's files, click OK when prompted to save them.
  • Please reaffirm your approval if the program is still unresponsive.

METHOD 5: The ADR Document needs a new name.

The QuickBooks application's error 6147 can be resolved by renaming the ADR file.

  • Locate the folder holding the company's documents.
  • Find the file.
  • Make sure you can find the most recent version of it in the folder for auto data recovery.
  • rename the file immediately.
  • The file extension should be changed to.qbw to view the error.

METHOD 6: Use Trend Micro Active Scan right away.

If the previous method failed to eliminate QB error 6147, try these troubleshooting steps.


  • Once you've located your company file, make a note of where it is.
  • When you double-click the QuickBooks icon while holding down the Ctrl key, the company file is not changed.
  • A company file is required first.
  • The organization data file must be selected from the list in the following step.
  • It will also be possible to see the file's location when you access the corporate file list.
  • Go to Trend Micro Active Scan's scan settings.
  • The file folder should have a particular rule added to it.

METHOD 7: Then, reinstall the file after ceasing to host multiple users.


The inability to view the file in multiple-user mode may be due to problems. This is another factor contributing to the manifestation of issue 6147. Stop this user mode, therefore. To keep your system operating, you should attempt to stand up.

  • Access the file menu by going to the QuickBooks desktop.
  • There are choices for hosting many users when the Utility option is chosen.
  • If you want to disable several users, choose that option and then click Yes.
  • Your backup files will be made available to you once the process is complete.

METHOD 8: It is necessary to repair and rename corrupt ND and .TLG files.


The configuration files (ND and.TLG files) allow the software to access the organization data file across a network (.TLG). The program won't continue to function if they sustain any harm. Both files must be renamed using the procedures listed below:

  • Find the program files folder.
  • Files with network data and transactional logs extension should be on your radar.
  • There will be a match between the file names and those in your corporate file.
  • There is a renaming option available for these files. Don't forget to add.OLD to the end of the filename.
  • After saving the edits, you can move further.
  • Once everything is finished, restart the app to see if the 6147 QuickBooks error code still exists.

As was already said, because you have a new.ND and.TLG file, your problems with issue code 6147 should be resolved.



  1. What is the problem code 6147 of the QB application?

Error 6147 appears when QuickBooks tries to open a company file or backup file or tries to restore a backup from the local system.



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